Scaffolding Rentals Clayton

Every so often, businesses in Clayton, NC have projects that necessitate scaffolding however they do not need the scaffolding past the completion of the project.  For these businesses, there is not a business need to purchase scaffolding.  A short-term access solution is provided by scaffolding rental.  Carolina Form and Scaffold Supply, by providing scaffold rentals and services, can fill that need. We offer one of the largest rental inventories in the North Carolina. When you rent scaffold from Carolina Form and Scaffold Supply, your products will arrive on time and be supported locally. We are conveniently located for our Clayton customers to provide quick deliver and support to your scaffold project.

Our rental scaffolding is the same as our scaffolding we have for sale. From standard scaffolding to system scaffolding, we have all your scaffolding rental needs in one place.  Whether renting scaffold to industrial, government and university clients or exterior scaffold rentals for home and construction projects, ask one of our Clayton scaffolding professionals for help. Scaffold rental services are available for weekly or monthly rental with longer term rental contracts available for larger projects.

In addition to scaffold rental and deliver, erection and dismantle services are available to get your project up and running. Contact us about our current inventory of used / rental equipment available for sale.

The scaffolding rental process begins with a customer review where we determine how long and other for the scaffolding. We will then verify whether there is enough room on the project for the scaffolding to be assembled, and come up with a plan of action if the scaffolding will need to be dismantled and reassembled on another wall during the project.  These are all questions and answers that our experienced team will consider making sure your renting the right scaffolding for your project.

Contact our Clayton team today and let us help you get started on your project right.