Raleigh, NC Concrete Form Rentals & Form Accessories

We offer complete forming and scaffold sales/rental services out of our Clayton, North Carolina office and keep the most popular products and accessories in stock for quick delivery to your site.

We Offer:

Concrete forming and Shoring is a specific process designed to support a concrete structure or surface.  Specifically, scaffold is the process of supporting a building, vessel, structure, or trench, on a temporary basis, with shores, also known as props, when in danger of collapse or during repairs or alterations. Shoringt is produced from timber or metal and may be installed vertically, angled, or horizontally. Carolina Forms and Scaffolding Supply delivers high-efficiency formwork and engineering solutions to construction clients across North Carolina. Our strategic focus is to provide excellent customer service from start to finish, from the initial planning stages of your building project to the final steps.


Form Systems (Sales/Rentals)

  • Steel-ply
  • Sym-Ply
  • Max A Form
  • Flex Form
  • Shoring Systems
  • Bridge Systems
  • Curb & Gutter
  • Fiberglass Column
  • Paper Tubes (purchase only)
  • Aluminum Beam Gangs
  • Bridge Overhang Brackets
  • Masonry/Concrete
  • Other Systems Available