Our OSHA-certified trainers are highly qualified to train employers and their employees in the three areas required by OSHA: Scaffold User Certification, Scaffold Erector Training, and Competent Person Awareness Training. Each training session is 4 to 5 hours, and we use a variety of training methods in English and in Spanish including booklets, DVDs, PowerPoint presentations, and other audio and video techniques. Upon completion, individual must pass a test to receive a certification card in the area of training.

Training programs offered include the following:

  • Competent Person Awareness Training
  • Scaffold Erector Training
  • Scaffold User Training
  • Safety at Heights
  • Equipment Inspection
  • Understanding OSHA
  • Fall Protection
  • Equipment Applications
  • Engineered Systems

To schedule an on-site program or learn about programs scheduled at our branches, contact Michael Strickland at (919) 553-7124