Safety Training Burlington

Priority number one for every company should be Safety on every job site and every project, specifically scaffolding projects. Not just in Burlington, NC, but every city throughout North Carolina and the United States.  The safety of your crew and your clients hinge on every member of your crew understanding OSHA safety protocol, procedures, and regulations.  Noncompliance or disregard of the safety regulations can risk the safety of everyone involved and expose you, as the business owner, to possible legal consequences and liability.  If you are responsible for guaranteeing your Burlington crew is Safety Trained and OSHA compliant, then give our amazing team a call today at (919)396-5317 and schedule your safety training.

Our Burlington team, at Carolina Forms and Scaffolding, are OSHA trained, certified, and exceedingly qualified to lead an instructional training course for you and your crew.  OSHA requires specific training in the following areas: Scaffold User Certification, Scaffold Erector Training, and Competent Person Awareness Training.  On average, our training sessions can take 4 to 5 hours with few exceptions. Our sessions are taught in English and Spanish.  Moreover, every lesson uses teaching techniques based on the seven learning techniques:  visual, auditory, verbal, kinesthetic, mathematical, interpersonal, and intrapersonal. To touch each of these styles and ensure everyone learns the information, we utilize booklets, DVDs, PowerPoint presentations, and other audio and video techniques.  Upon completion of each session, every student must pass a test for certification.

Training programs offered include the following:

  • Safety at Heights
  • Equipment Inspection
  • Understanding OSHA
  • Fall Protection
  • Competent Person Awareness Training
  • Scaffold Erector Training
  • Scaffold User Training
  • Equipment Applications
  • Engineered Systems

Don’t let your crew be unsafe and expose yourself to OSHA noncompliance issues.  Have your team trained to day by the OSHA Safety trainers.

To schedule an on-site program or learn about programs scheduled at our branches, contact Michael Strickland at (919) 553-7124 or our Burlington office at (919)396-5317.